Contains high amounts of vitamin B and C, strengthens the immune system. Thanks to its fibre structure, it relaxes the digestive system, prevents constipation by working the intestines.

The blackcurrant, scientifically known as "Passiflora edulis", is a type of fruit that grows in tropical and subtropical regions. Blackcurrant is a fruit with a thick, hard and wrinkled outer skin and a sweet and aromatic flesh inside. The flesh of this fruit has a soft and jelly-like texture and has a sweet flavour.

Blackcurrant is usually consumed fresh, used for juice or desserts. The taste of the fruit is considered sweet and exotic and is especially preferred by tropical fruit lovers. It is also known by different names such as "maracuja" or "parcha" in some regions. Blackcurrant is a fruit rich in vitamin C and fibre and can be an important source for a healthy diet.